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   Advantages in the Learning Through Play Curriculum
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  ABC's and 123's:  Earlier is Not Better 
​              Many parents are concerned when their children do not  appear to be learning letters and numbers.  They believe         ditto sheets and homework in preschool programs will 
better prepare their children for elementary school.

     Children who are rushed into reading and writing miss important steps in learning and will suffer later on because they lack the foundation needed for using language.  Children who are taught to read in preschool my be able to sound out and recognize words, but they may have little understanding of what they are reading.  Activities such as stringing beads, fastening buttons, cutting and drawing are valuable because they develop the small muscle skills needed for writing.

     Math involves more than memorizing facts.  To acquire a foundation for logical thinking, children need many opportunities to count objects, sort them into piles, add some to a pile, and take some away.  By playing games like these, they will come to truly understand addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

     When children are rushed into academic subjects to soon, they lose their enthusiasm for learning.  Memorization trains students to become passive, dependent learners.  Independent learning and playtime help children see themselves as explorers, discoverers and problem-solvers.

 Little Bumblebee would like to extend our gratitude to all the Military Families with affordable childcare. 
Weekly tuition is  $145.00 per student.  
One time registration fee is $50.00  if there's no break in care. 
Uniforms will be ordered through frenchtoast .com 
Please take advantage of this great offer!!!  
​                                   What Children Learn at Home

    Our curriculum works best when teachers and parents work together.  Each of us has something valuable to contribute.  Many of the children enrolled in our program come from our proud military community.  We take special consideration as to how these families experience many transitions and do our very best to support these sometime sensitive and stressful events that may impact the lives of their household. 

     The in-dept knowledge you provide about your child's learning process is a valuable resource for teachers.  We can support your child through positive and difficult experiences through reassuring stores, soothing art activities, imaginative dramatic play and extra love and attention. 

     You are your child's first and most important teacher.  We work with parents to create a sense of security by providing consistency for your child between school and home.  

     Children are more likely to experiment, explore and learn in a program that values their childhood and future learning experiences supported by parents.